Analysis technique

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Analysis technique

We are currently analyzing solid materials using an Element GD Plus GD-MS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer) from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Sample form and size

Solid samples with a flat surface are required for the measurement (at least 20 mm in diameter or 20 mm x 20 mm).

Various sample preparation techniques are used for the production of suitable sample shapes such as grinding, cutting and polishing, pulverization, hydraulic pressing, melting, etc…

The results of our analyzes are documented in accordance with ISO / TS 15338: 2009 and are issued as a certificate to our customers.

Glörfeld_1825_21x30 GD PLUS GD-MS
Element GD Plus Glow Discharge-Mass Spectrometer (GD-MS), ThermoScientific.
Probenkammer des GDMS-Gerätes
Sample chamber
Planetary ball mill
hydraulische Presse
Hydraulic press

GD-MS Analysis Report

According to: ISO/TS 15338:2009